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Meet the team



Founder + Creative Director

I'm a Business + Innovation & Entrepreneurship student at Newcastle University. My passion for designing is influenced by my mother who taught me many skills, including how to sew.

ÆGLE Couture, to me, is an avenue to fulfilling my desire to help eradicate poverty in my home country, located in the heart of Africa, by investing in the youth & building a thriving society & economy.  



HR + Logistics

Recent Masters graduate in Business Administration and HR from the University of Newcastle. I lead and manage the HR function ensuring HR and overarching business strategies are aligned. 

I have always had a passion for fashion. I love anything to do with clothes, from coordinating an outfit, to designing and modelling.



Operations + Design

I’m a recent Environmental Science and Management graduate who loves creating quality garments; it has always been a passion of mine.


I have a vision for unity in Australia especially between Australian and African people so I aim to use my technical skills in design to challenge perceptions and shift culture.

 our VISION 

ÆGLE Couture combines fashion and culture to help bridge the cultural divide as well as create a sense of belonging for every individual.


We are passionate about people and we want to see everyone grab hold of opportunities that will propel them into a greater future by giving them a platform to do just that. We want to partner with passionate, talented, hardworking people and help them reach their full potential.


ÆGLE Couture will empower, equip and inspire individuals to create a world where everyone everywhere can step up and live out their purpose and dreams. Together with people of all backgrounds and ethnicities, we will thrive.

Our vision is deliberately larger than life. We're prepared to start small yet committed to growing big! 

 our values 

Our values are who we are and what we hold on to. They set us apart, they keep us on track and on purpose. They are...


We know that hard work pays off, so we are always on purpose and on task, persevering through difficulty and striving for greatness everyday.


We understand that waste can be very detrimental, so we are very conscious of what we use and produce - ensuring we make the most of our resources and maximize at every opportunity. 



We are true to our word and unbiased. We hold morality very highly and we always seek to do what is right, no matter the situation or circumstance.



We are passionate about bringing together all people and celebrating life through culture and fashion.

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