March 18, 2019

ÆGLE Couture welcomes you to our very first blog post! (insert cheering + confetti)

It's been a long time coming but we're finally here, somewhere. Anyway, the whole point of this 'blog' section and our reason for starting it is to get (somewhat) personal with you our customers, friends, admirers, stalkers (whatever category you feel that you fall into). We'd also love to hear from you.  Here we'll express our aspirations, tell you about what makes us lol, and we also hope to inspire you in any way and in as many ways that we can. We'll keep it short and sweet too! :) 


Today you're hearing from me, Martha, the youngest of 3 kids in my family, the brightest too (obviously).  I don't normally write, actually I never write; it brings up bad memories of when I'd scramble to get essays done on time and submitted to lecturers. But I've turned a new leaf, I'm a new me. As you can tell this blog isn't in any way formal, my whole life isn't formal (or normal, but that's a blog for another day), in fact formalities make me super uncomfortable and tense. I hate not knowing what I'm doing wrong and in turn embarrassing myself unknowingly. The amount of times I've cringed at the thought of something I'd done but wasn't supposed to do, or that I didn't do but was supposed to do, even way after the incident had occurred (or okurrrr'd (insert finger guns))  is quite concerning. And yes, this is exactly how my mind works, so expect many wonderful puns in these blogs. Anywhoo, at this point you probably feel that you've wasted your time by reading this but I'll have you know, you didn't. You've at least enriched your vocab right? Just kidding, you probably didn't. English isn't my first language.



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March 18, 2019

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