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Every single ÆGLE Couture product is hand crafted with the utmost care and is made using authentic, vibrant African print cotton. This fabric is sourced from the depths of Africa, from countries including Kenya and Congo. 

Each piece of ÆGLE Couture clothing is handmade in Australia and is bespoke - made to order - for utmost efficiency. We custom make every product to fit the customer to a T. 

We rotate the fabric so that there are always exciting new prints on offer. That and to ensure every product is unique.

The available prints will be on display and updated on the website for customers to choose from. First come first serve, First in best dressed.

How it works


OG Skirt Set   





=     >>>>>>>

Choose your product       >       Choose your print         >      Choose your size.

PLEASE NOTE: All clothes are made according to general Australian men's, women's and kid's sizes as shown on the body measurements tables located in the 'Measurements' tab. If you require a different measurement for a specific body part, you may enter that measurement in the notes for that product before you checkout . See measurements guide under 'More' tab.

For example:

DISCLAIMER: Clothes may not be as tight on customers as they appear on the models on certain products. This is because the cotton used in our products does not stretch, however, the clothes will be well fitted for the comfort and mobility of customers.

Review the available prints under the 'Prints' tab. Remember, get in quick before your desired print runs out. They're not here to stay!

See 'Frequently Asked Questions' below or email us for more information.

Our Store

Our store exists solely online. Although, all operations are conducted in Newcastle, Australia.


Ph: +61402562946

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Frequently asked questions
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